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Instagram Traffic Hack

Here is a quick and low cost way to start growing your email list and start to grow your following on Instagram totally automated.

Instagram now has over 300 Million People use its photo app every month, with 70% of them coming from outside the US. That makes Instagram officially bigger than Twitter, which had 284 million active users as of six weeks ago.

If you don’t have a Instagram account you need to get one!

Setup an account fill out your profile page and put your website or landing page link in so when people start liking and commenting on the pictures you upload they will view your profile page.instagram traffic hack

Start uploading thing that inspire you and share your vision and success along the way.

Ok so now we have that set up we can go over to and create a free account. (3 day free trial)

Instagress is a new auto-like/auto-comment program for Instagram that is easy to use and has been successful at helping people get more followers and interaction. Basically Instagram on steroids!

This tool will automatically comment, like and follow 1000s of people who is your ideal customers and build your following while you sleep.instagram traffic hack

By adding #tags we can target people who is our ideal customers in our niche so spend some time searching #tags that relate to your business.  Once you have the tags in place click the start button and watch your following grow.Instagram Marketing: Automated Lead Generation Using Instagress

Instagress offers a 3 day free trial so take advantage of this but the pricing is very affordable.instagram traffic hack


We hope you take action on this simple instagram traffic hack, It really helped me to generate quality leads and still does to this day. Remember traffic is the easy part when you have a kick-ass Sales funnel that coverts cold leads into cash.

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